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“Minecraft Unofficial Japan Users Forum Server” is a Minecraft server for multiplaying, provided by ecolight.

Server Concept

I have set up a product version of Minecraft multi-server for trial.
I would like to seek various way toward characteristic server.
The concepts are “Beginner-friendly server” and “Large scale creative world”.

Available versions

Minecraft 1.6.4 (2013.10.5 -)
It is unable to access aside from above version.
Refer to server specifications for more information.

For New Users

Please read “The Guidance for New Users” to play with good manner and rule
for new users


Version difference between client and server might result in the situation where you can't log-in the server.
It is recommended to backup your client software before applying the newest version.
It takes a lot of time for a server to support the newest version because it takes a lot of time for plugins to support the newest version.

As there are vandalism in the server, please protect buildings using “/region” command. To avoid intruder into your house, the doors need to be protected by “/cprivate” and so on.

Group Photo

2012/4/15: Group photo by the people who have nothing special.

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