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Server Info

Server IP/Domain(hidden)
Compatible client versionsPC(Java) product version Minecraft 1.13.2
Simultaneous accessible maximum number of players:200
Operating time per day24 hours
Maintenance intervalnot regular(at least reboot at regenerating a resource map and resource END map on every Satuday)
5 - 30 minutes of maintenance might be performed shortly after an announcement.
User registrationNothing
Usage feeFree
Average simultaneous access number of players(Weekdays)Early morning:5
lunch time:10~20
Night time:40
Average simultaneous access number of players(Holidays)30~
PvPProhibited(except PvP map)
Experience systemEnabled

Auto backup is done periodically.
When backupping, you may encounter a slower responce of the server.

Hardware components

CPUIntel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2687W 0 @ 3.10GHz
Memory32.0GB(Minecraft Allocation:20.0GB)
DiskIntel SSD(3 pieces) system:120GB/database:60GB/minecraft:60GB
OSWindows Server 2008 R2 Standard Service Pack 1

Software components

Java 7runtime libraly
CraftBukkita servare software for suporting plugins created with BukkitAPI

Introduced Bukkit Plugins

EcoGate (original plugin) Gates between worlds
EcoChat (original plugin) Channel chat suport
EcoChest (original plugin) Logging the inventories like chest etc. /ec command
EcoEgg (original plugin) Witch and Ender Dragon now drop a “book” for eggnizing MOBs (the probability is a 1/100 or 1/1 for each.)
Onigokko (original plugin) For playing Onigokko, Keidoro
DragonEffects (original plugin) vs. Ultimate Ender Dragon
PermissionsEx Building protection, Command control
AdminCmd Administrative command
WorldGuard Fire spread prevention, Enderman block pickup disablement, Pumpkin dive Function、Area Protection
WorldEdit in-game map editor(Only area specification using area protection item
LWC Automatic chest/Sign protection
MultiHomes Home command support
WorldBorder Moving area limitation
TimeSync Keep the game time in sync with real time(for new year event etc.)
WorldSaver Schedules Backups and Saves(10 minutes intervals)
Dynmap Real time map
ServerLogSaver Server log compression and save
Hawkeye Logging all of the block placement/destruction, death, log in/log out etc.
Rollback function(per user, time, place, etc.)
Openinv For user inventory management
Permissions Building protection, Command control
ChannelChat Channel chat support
XcraftGate Teleport between gates
Other Item use log, Ore picking track log, User command log plugin

Other Tools

  1. Static MAP generation
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