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Server Rules

In the Home Maps, please also follow the each home map's rule (Japanese) when you build in them.

Conditions to ban

  • Griefing other player's building.
  • Using mean word on in-game chat/forum.
  • Using prohibited commands, using a cheating client, flying without permission, etc.
  • Mining with making use of ANY KIND OF block transparancy like Xray mod, transeparent texture or “bug” techniques like TNT glitch, etc.
  • Asking the admin some items
  • Duplicating items with maiking use of glitches.
  • In other cases, if there is a complaint from other player, we would ban if necessary.

Prohibited Actions (banned in some cases)

  • Prohibit buliding your creation over or beneath other player's creation unless the administrator or residents around there allow it.
  • These actions are taken as BAN reasons at high probability: unreasonablly protect other player's bulidings, institution or facilities. / protecting in order to get resources. / other protections for the porpose of disturbing other player's buliding or just doing mischife.
    ※[revised on 2014/06/02]
  • Creating clock circuit (May be allowed with admin's permission)
  • Mining and branch mining (linear mining for getting ore) in each home MAP in order to get ores in home MAP.
    ※You can get ores in case of mining for building something.
  • Speaking other languages except japanese and english in any chat channel except FRN channel.
  • Griefing and entering the initial spawn temple (entrance temple). Teaching the temple's password to the first-time player.
  • Operating or Using trap towers or traps with MOB spawners which don't have veryfication. ※[revised on 2013/03/10] ※for veryfication, please look at the list of verified MOB traps (Japanese)
  • Setting a confinement facility where MOBs are always touching each other
    ※[revised on 2014/05/03]

If you found a violation / violator.

If you found a violation to the server rules, Don't recover work.
Because If you recover that, server admin's workload increases.

and, This Server rules were enacting “Don't grief from other player's building”.
If you break another player's building. You will violation to the server rules too.

First of all, Keep current this situation.
Second, Please take the screenshot include “F3 Key - Detail infomation”.
Besides. Please make a report while consult to another players.

About the protectoin of creations

This is a citation from the page about “protection” because some ban reasons are written also in the page.

In this server, protection command (/region)
is implemented for protecting your creations from other malicious player's violation like trolls.
As we have written it down prior to this, you will be BANNED if you use the command for the pourpose of disturbing or blocking other player's buliding.
When your building range overlap with other player, please talk with each other for solving it.
There is no problems if you and others, for example, have a protection in common in result of the discussion.
If the other player doesn't want to talk with you, or he/she is not logged on on your time range,
please look at the contact (Japanese) page and contact with admin.
If admin, ecolight, is logged on,
it's ok to send a private message (/pm) to him,
but it's highly reccomanded to contact outside the game with mail, twitter, etc
because there is less time for admin to read the chat than for general players (the admins chat console has also parts of server's logs).

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