Ban Conditions

  • Destruction of other user's buildings or mischief.
  • Abusive language in multi-server or The Informal Japanese User Forum board
  • Use of transparent MOD, transparent texture, flying, detecting ore MOD
  • Use of prohibited command.
  • Requirement for item to admin.
  • Increasing item abusing bug.
  • Admin can ban as appropriate according to complaint by players.

Prohibited Matters (Admin can ban as appropriate according to the case)

  • To build over other user's building, or to build under other user's building without permit by admin or residents is prohibited.
  • Redstone circuit with clock circuit.( Except for the case admin permit)
  • To build TT in home map.
  • Brunch mining in home map
  • Experience trap without stop function. To leave experience trap working. The trap that doesn't accumulate MOBs using normal spawn has no problem.

Protection buildings

Protection command in this server ( /region ) is implemented in order to protect buildings from the malicious users who are vandal etc.
As described before, the user who prevent other user's building might be banned.
In the case that buildings area are duplicated, please negotiate each other.
Duplicating protection area isn't problem in itself.
In the case that the user don't respond negotiating or don't log in when you are logging in, please inform to admin described in Contact Information

Whenever admin ecolight is logging in the server, it's no problem to send private message( /pm ) although there is a case that admin doesn't notice the message because he has lesser chance to read messages in the console which includes a lot of other messages than general users. It is recommended that the message will be sent aside from the game.

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